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Great resort and hotel pools in Scottsdale, Arizona

1.       Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’s “Sunset Beach Pool” Address: 7575 E Princess Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Located in one of the most prestigious and beautifully landscaped resorts in Scottsdale, the Sunset Beach Pool at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is the place to be!... [Read More]

Fall events in Phoenix this October 2021!

Fall events in Phoenix this October!           Are you excited for this Autumn season and looking to get into the fall spirit? Look no further! Phoenix offers an array of events for friends, families, couples, and anyone looking to enjoy a sense of community in The Valley! Check... [Read More]

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Drill Brush Power Scrubber to Make Clean Up a Snap by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

We all have a cleaning task around the house that we absolutely hate to do; scrubbing stovetop grates, tile grout, and glass shower doors top my list. I used to procrastinate these tasks for days, sometimes weeks, which made them even harder to clean as grease, grime, and soap... [Read More]

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How to Clean Your Keyboard, Mouse, and Screen by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Before cleaning computer accessories and screens, power down your device and unplug the keyboard and mouse. Use these steps to clean your keyboard. Clear any loose crumbs and dust from the keyboard by gently shaking it upside-down over a trash can. Spray compressed... [Read More]

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Here’s How to Clean Your Desk Right by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

The average desk is contaminated with a shocking amount of bacteria (even more than a public toilet). Use these office cleaning tips to banish germs from your workspace. As you sit at your desk, typing on your keyboard and sipping from your coffee cup, you're surrounded by... [Read More]

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You Need to Clean Your Thermometer After Each Use by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

When someone in your family feels sick, one of the first things you typically do is take their temperature. Fever is a common symptom for many illnesses, including influenza and COVID-19, making a thermometer an essential household tool, especially during a global pandemic.... [Read More]

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Working from Home? More Office Items That Can Help You Stay Focused and Organized by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

To Streamline Your Electronics: Over-Door Hanging Storage Since many of us don't have a designated home office, creating makeshift solutions will help the transition. We like this over-the-door hanging storage to keep notebooks, chargers, pens and other office supplies in... [Read More]

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Working from Home? These Office Items Can Help You Stay Focused and Organized by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

While the new coronavirus is forcing many of us to stay inside, your home office (even if it's temporary) shouldn't add another layer of stress. With these favorite products, including essential office supplies, storage helpers, and little pick-me-up accents, you can get... [Read More]

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3 Easy Ways You Can Cut Down on Food Waste by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

No one wants to waste food but unfortunately, the majority of us do it. With Americans tossing out more than a third of their groceries each year (adding up to almost $2,000 per household), we've got some easy ways to address the food waste problem from your own home. Many of us... [Read More]

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Great Smart House Additions for your Home by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

What if all the devices in your life could connect to the internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it. And what if those devices... [Read More]