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What You Need to Know about Wood Fireplaces by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

There’s nothing like the crackle and pop of a nice warm fire on a cold evening. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, you know how wonderful they can be. You also know how much maintenance they can take to operate properly and stay clean. Most people feel the... [Read More]

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Your Guide to Wireless Speaker in your Home Theatre by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Although there is a large selection of portable and compact wireless powered Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers designed for personal music listening, there is an increasing number of inquiries regarding the availability of wireless speakers that are designed specifically for home... [Read More]

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Designing Your Ideal Home Office by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Whether your home office is designated space for running a business, the occasional telecommute, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing your schedule, you deserve more than a metal desk and extra chair stuffed into a spare corner. Why? An office that reflects the design... [Read More]

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Creating a Fantastic Home Library by Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Proper storage is the holy grail of the home library. If you’re an avid reader, you’ve likely spent a lot of time storing your books in less-than-ideal conditions. Now that you’ve committed to designing your very own library, it’s time to proudly put your books on display.The... [Read More]

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The Best Drip Coffee Makers By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

We love our coffee.  And today, Good Housekeeping just announced their picks for the best coffee machines according to their experts. Looking for a new machine to make your morning java read on...These top drip coffee makers will fuel your day:Top Lab Pick: Braun... [Read More]

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Next Steps after a Home Inspection by Joe Szabo By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Most would-be buyers and sellers believe the real estate “deal” is negotiated at the signing of the contract. By that point, the counteroffers have been made and the back and forth has happened, so it’s easy to assume that the deal will go on auto-pilot until closing.The... [Read More]

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The Best Way to Organize your Refrigerator By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

It is just mesmerizing to look at well-organized, color-coordinated refrigerator. (Try not to get lost in the perfectly placed peppers above.) But actually, an organized fridge also saves time and money. If you know exactly what's inside, grocery shopping and mealtimes become way... [Read More]

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Common Lighting Mistakes By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Lighting a room seems easy enough: Plug in a lamp, flip a switch, and voilà! What was once dark is now bright. But certain missteps can cause a comfy space to feel, well, off. Here some common mistakes to avoid:1. You don't think in layers. It seems easy enough to install a... [Read More]

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Before you choose a Carpet Cleaner By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

If your home has lots of wall-to-wall carpeting that gets lots of traffic and stains, you're gonna want a carpet cleaner. Owning a machine is less costly over time compared to renting or hiring a professional to come by. Plus, you’ll have the machine on-hand to tackle stains the... [Read More]

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Preparing Your Home for Winter By Joe Szabo, Scottsdale Real Estate Team

Have a professional to check out your heating and air-conditioning system. If you have a maintenance agreement, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you don’t have a service contract, it may cost you $80 and up to have your heat pump, or furnace inspected. Again,... [Read More]